Best Product – Corona Micro Snips – Mini Precision Pruners (Early Review)

Corona Micro Snips

I bought these Corona “leaf and stem” micro snips back in March, and have used it for all sorts of light to medium duty plant-pruning tasks.

I have used it to top my hot pepper plants (where you cut the stem above a certain height), lop off unruly tomato and cucumber plant suckers branches, and guide past obstacles to trim delicate leaves.


It has handled all these and other tasks with great ease.

They come with a rubbery tip cover, and so I can carry them in my pocket if needed. This is faciliated by the slide-lock.

The Corona micro snips have a spring-action, which for a tool like this provides for more comfortable and less fatiguing use.

It handled soft and fibrous leaves and branches alike, although I’d still use something else for cutting anything woody.

The blades are stainless steel, and easily cleaned. So far, mine aren’t showing the last bit of corrosion of an kind.

These precision snips work quite well and at $10-15 I’d consider it to be inexpensive.

Corona says they have “ComfortGel” handles, and while the handles are soft and grippy, it doesn’t seem any different from other rubbery-gripped hand tools I’ve used.

So far so good. Unless something drastic happens, I can highly recommend them so far.

Model: FS 3214D

Price: $13

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