Best Product – Cold Deal? Dewalt Brushless Drill and Impact Driver Combo and Cooler Kit

Dewalt DCK277C2 20V Brushless Drill and Impact Driver Kit with Rotomolded Cooler

Over at Lowes, they have a new bundle that features a Dewalt 20V Max brushless drill and impact driver combo kit, and a rotomolded cooler.

Forgive me for being a little judgemental, but I don’t think this is a good deal. Well, maybe it is, let’s take a look.


It starts off with the DCK277C2 brushless drill and impact driver kit. The drill is the seasonal DCD777 compact brushless drill, while the impact is a seasonal single-speed DCF787 model that came out last Fall.

I had recently been confused into thinking the impact to be the DCF887, which is Dewalt’s latest and greatest multi-speed impact driver, but it’s not. The DCF787 seems to be a special entry-level model solely intended to be bundled with the DCD777.

The DCK277C kit will be on sale at Lowes for $159. It’s currently $176-180 at Amazon, and I’m willing to guess that it’ll be on sale there too.

This special bundle will be on sale for $229 starting around Black Friday.

The rotomolded cooler is priced higher than the $70 price difference between the tool combo kit and this special bundle.

It just seems to me that the bundle should cost less. Or that maybe the cooler should be bundled with a better brushless tool kit.

If you’re buying this set, with its entry-level tools and lower capacity battery packs (I think it comes with 1.5Ah packs and not the usual 2.0Ah batteries that come with Dewalt brushless tool kits), is it because you have modest needs, or because you’re on a tight budget?

My instinct would be to spend less money and get better tools. I wouldn’t have a fancy yellow cooler, but that’s okay.

I feel lukewarm about these imported Dewalt coolers. If the kit instead included the Dewalt USA-made cooler that the product manager said they were trying to get built, I’d be a bit more excited.

But spending over $200 on an entry-level cordless drill and impact driver combo kit and an imported cooler? It just doesn’t seem like a good deal to me.

The same brushless kit will be on sale at Home Depot in a different bundle, one with a ToughSystem tool case, and it’ll be priced at $179 starting around Black Friday. That seems like a better deal.

I figured this might be an interesting discussion to have. So what do you think? Is this deal hot or cold?

Would you buy this bundle? How would you feel if you received it for the holidays?

Price: $249, $229 for Black Friday

Buy Now(via Lowes)

If you ask me, if I needed a new compact brushless drill and a compact brushless impact driver on a budget, I’d step up to Milwaukee’s individual 1-battery brushless drill and impact driver kits, which will drop to $99 around Black Friday. So that would be $200 for both kits.

The $30 left in my wallet wouldn’t pay for a rotomolded cooler, but could pay for a soft cooler and some ice packs. Or I’d put a cooler on my wishlist and spend that $30 on some new hand tools or power tool accessories.