Best Product – Channellock USA-Made Promo Pliers Set – Black Friday 2018 Tool Deal!

Channellock Holiday 2018 Tool Deal Display at Lowes

Over at Lowes, I came across a Channellock floor display alongside the Holiday and Black Friday 2018 tool deals. It’s a Channellock 4pc pliers tool set, featuring 3 sizes of tongue and groove-style pliers, and a bottle opener.

Update: This Channellock special buy is now priced at $25 online.


Channellock GS-3A Pliers Tool Set Holiday 2018

Channellock’s tongue and groove pliers still have a lot of fans, although quick-adjust pliers have become more popular.

This set comes with 6-1/2″, 9″, and 12″ pliers.

One thing that can be said about Channellock tools is that they’re very durable. I have some of my grandfather’s Channellock pliers, and they still have plenty of use left in them. One of these days I’ll clean them up and put them in my tool box.

I LOVE Channellock tools!

This set is currently priced at $40 $30. It’s about time we see some Channellock deals for the holidays!

Update: It’s $30 at some stores. If you see the $40 price as I did, try selecting different stores. Thanks, Drew!

Update 11/15/18: It’s now $25.

Buy Now(via Lowes)

If you ask me, this is NOT a good price, as it’s not much of a deal. Regardless of what’s on the display now, I’m hoping to see the price drop in a few weeks. Maybe even hopeful.

$30 is much better pricing! ($25 is even better!)

Channellock 3pc Tongue and Groove Pliers Set

Right now, you can get a Channellock 3pc pliers set via Amazon for $35, which isn’t much lower than buying everything separately.

Buy Now(via Amazon)

At the moment, you could alternatively buy a 2pc set with 6-1/2″ and 9-1/2″ pliers for a little less $18 at Amazon, and Channellock 12″ tongue and groove pliers are $14 by themselves. Together, you can get a 3pc set for a little less than $34.

Buying everything separately comes to $37 ($9 for 6-1/2″, $14 for 9-1/2″, $14 for 12″).

This all means that with the Lowes promo set, you’re saving an extra $4 off the lowest pricing, plus getting a bonus bottle opener.

If you don’t want to spend that much money, get the 2pc pliers set for $18.

Channellock GS-3SA Pliers Tool Set

There’s also a Channellock 4pc pliers and screwdriver tool set, currently $42 at Amazon.

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Channellock Pliers Before Deal Pricing at Lowes

Here’s what I saw before. It appears that the tool set is currently discounted at some stores and zip codes, but not others.

Channellock Pliers Tool Set Deal Black Friday 2018 Lowes

I checked on a different computer and selected a different store, and the price is $30.