Best Product – Buck Splizzors Multi-Tool

Buck Splizzors Multi-Tool Scissors

Buck’s Splizzors, model 030, is a scissors-based multi-tool designed for fisherman, but it looks handy for less specialized EDC and workshop use as well.

Splizzors have replaceable micro-serrated scissors blades that are made from 420HC stainless steel. They also have fine-toothed long-nose pliers tips, small and large crimping areas, a bottle opener, and lanyard hole. From the looks of the Torx-bolted pivot, it might be possible to disassemble the multi-tool for cleaning.


The handles are covered with a Dynaflex rubber material, which should provide for a strong and comfortable grip, even when wet.

It also comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath for carrying and storage.

These Splizzors look better for fishing and outdoors use, but also featured and sturdy enough for general use. Their overall length is 8.5″, which makes them very toolbox, tool bag, and tool pouch friendly. My only hesitation would be about the replaceable jaws. Right now I couldn’t find a source for replacement blades, and the replaceable part makes me wonder if they’re thick and sturdy enough for resharpening or occasional honing.

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Street Price: $60

If you’re looking for something more compact and less featured, check out the Engineer Inc. shears ($30 via Amazon). They’re no longer on sale, but are fantastic scissors and are worth paying full price for.

If you’re an EMT or rescuer, the Leatherman Raptor was designed especially for you.

And if you just want shears that are still multi-functional but less expensive, check out the Fiskars 5-in-1 scissors. I really didn’t like these shears when they first came out, due to a jaw-rubbing defect, but it seems they might have fixed this in the couple of years since.