Best Product – Bosch Profactor Cordless Power Tools: 2021 Launch Pricing

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Bosch still has not provided any details regarding their new Profactor CORE18V cordless power tools. The last I was told, they will hold a full announcement in February 2021. Luckily, Amazon came through with some new product pages and preorder listings.

Most of these tools were first announced two years ago, as part of a MEGAWATT CREW line of new higher-performance cordless power tools. Most of these tools never launched, and were teased anew recently as part of a new line of “Profactor” cordless power tools within Bosch’s 18V system.


The new Bosch Profactor tools feature “Biturbo” tech (we’re not quite sure what this means) and are designed for use with Bosch’s high capacity CORE18V Profactor Li-ion battery packs.

Many of these new Bosch Profactor Biturbo CORE18V cordless power tools are said to be “connected-ready” with an optional (sold separately) module, although it is still unclear as to what features this unlocks for each tool.

There are also quite a few mentions of a battery-extending “ECO” mode, which presumably drops motor speed or performance for longer runtime.

We posted about several of the new Bosch Profactor cordless power tools already, and more details will follow if or when we learn more.

In the meantime, while we wait for Bosch to provide official press materials, here are some prices and availability quotes. As usual, preorder details are subject to change.

Bosch 18V Strong Arm Circular Saw

Bosch GKS18V-25CN 18V Strong Arm Cordless Circular Saw

The “Strong Arm” is Bosch’s new 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw. There are two versions, one with a traditional design and the other with a “track-compatible” shoe. It’s unclear as to what the other differences might be.

Bare Tool (Bosch GKS18V-25CN): $219 – 2/1/21 ETA
Kit (Bosch GKS18V-25CB14): $369 – 2/1/21 ETA
Kit w/ trac-compatible (Bosch GKS18V-25GCB14): $429 – 2/1/21 ETA

The kits are said to come with a single “CORE18V 8.0 Ah PROFACTOR Performance Battery.”

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Amazon
Buy Now: Kit via Amazon
Buy Now: Track-Compatible Kit via Amazon

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Bosch 18V Profactor Cordless Track Saw (5-1/2″ Blade)

Bosch GKT18V-20GCL Cordless Track Saw

Bosch’s new [sorry no fancy tool name here] Profactor cordless track saw will feature a 5-1/2″ saw blade.

Bare Tool (Bosch GKT18V-20GCL): $499
Kit w/ L-Boxx (Bosch GKT18V-20GCL): $649

ETA: 2/1/21

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Amazon
Buy Now: Kit via Amazon

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Bosch Surgeon 12″ Sliding Miter Saw

Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN 18V Surgeon Cordless Miter Saw Profactor Series

This is the new Bosch SURGEON Profactor-Series saw with Biturbo motor, designed for CORE18V Profactor batteries.

The Bosch Surgeon cordless miter saw weighs 59.3 lbs (bare tool). For comparison, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 12″ sliding miter saw weighs 47.6 lbs, and the Dewalt FlexVolt 12″ sliding miter saw – capable of running on 2x 60V Max batteries or an AC adapter – weighs 56 lbs.

Bare Tool (Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN): $749
Kit (Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN14): $899

ETA: 2/15/21

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Amazon
Buy Now: Kit via Amazon

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Bosch Hitman Profactor Rotary Hammer

Bosch GBH18V-45CK24 18V Hitman Cordless Rotary Hammer

The long-delayed Bosch “Hitman” cordless rotary hammer is finally nearing launch.

Bare Tool (Bosch GBH18V-45CK): $799
Kit (Bosch GBH18V-45CK24): $999

ETA: 2/1/21

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Amazon
Buy Now: Kit via Amazon

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Bosch “The GOON” Profactor Cordless Rotary Hammer

Bosch GBH18V-36CK24 18V GOON Rotary Hammer

This is “The Goon,” Bosch’s smaller Profactor cordless Biturbo rotary hammer.

Bosch The Goon Rotary Hammer

As with the other new Bosch Profactor tools, the Goon is “engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by Core18V Profactor batteries.”

Bare Tool (Bosch GBH18V-34CQN): $449 – 3/1/21 ETA
Kit (Bosch GBH18V-36CK24): $799 – 2/1/21 ETA

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Amazon
Buy Now: Kit via Amazon

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Bosch Spitfire Cordless Angle Grinders

Bosch Spitefire Cordless Angle Grinder

There are two versions of the Bosch Profactor Spitfire angle grinder – one with a standard accessory interface, and one with Bosch’s proprietary x-lock interface that is only compatible with special x-lock wheels and accessories.

Both are 5-6 inch grinders.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything new about Bosch’s proprietary x-lock angle grinder interface. Bosch USA offered to provide review samples on several occasions, and although we expressed interest, demo units never arrived for testing. We asked again again in November 2020 but never heard back.

Bare Tool (Bosch GWS18V-13CN): $229
Kit (Bosch GWS18V-13CB14): $379
Bare Tool with x-lock (Bosch GWX18V-13CN): $249
Kit with x-lock (Bosch GWX18V-13CB14): $399

ETA: 2/1/21

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Amazon
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Buy Now: x-lock Bare Tool via Amazon
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