Best Product – Bosch Compact Cordless Impact Wrench and its “Unreal Size”

Bosch 12V Max Unreal Size Image

Bosch sent out a public newsletter, promoting new 12V Max cordless power tools they’re soon coming out with.

We haven’t seen a press release yet, and so I took a quick look at the newsletter. What I found was highly amusing, and it completely distracted me for a moment.


Update: A PR just hit my inbox, I’ll add it to my to-do list. There’s a new 12V hammer drill and cordless screwdriver.


One of Bosch’s 12V Max tools, their PS82 brushless impact wrench – save $20 off the kit now via Amazonis so compact that…

Bosch PS82 Invisible Impact Wrench Listing

It’s invisible to the naked eye?!


Maybe it’s a new active stealth mode edition, for those of us whose spouses hate seeing new tools around the house!?

Bosch PS82 Invisible Impact Wrench

I took a look at the product page, and it’s invisible there too!

This isn’t Bosch’s first product image mishap, and other brands and retailers slip up all the time as well.

With this one, I just found it too amusing not share. I saw the unreal size blurb, thought “well, they’re not that small,” and then *poof* this one’s so small it’s invisible!

I’m sure the image will be fixed in short order.

While I’ve got your attention about Bosch 12V Max cordless power tools, you should know that their brushed motor screwdriver kit is still on sale for $69.

And, there’s a new $20 off $100+ promo that works on select Bosch tools, including the updated PS82 kit whose listing this post is about. Sorry, it’s not really invisible.

Other retailers are also offering a similar $20 off $100+ discount on Bosch Tools.

Oh – and ToolNut has the NEW Bosch value-focused18V Freak brushless impact driver/wrench kit on sale for $99 – and with a quick test I saw that it’s eligible for the added $20 off $100+ promo. Adding a $2 nutsetter raises the order total to $101, which then drops to $81 in-cart.

Make sure your order is over $99 to get free shipping, otherwise ground shipping is a flat $8.

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