Best Product – Bosch Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals

Bosch Black Friday Screwdriver Bit Set Deal Black Friday 2020

I went to several Lowe’s stores recently, to see what their near-final Black Friday 2020 tool deals displays would look like. Usually by this time, most deals are supposed to be up, and we can a good look at what will be on sale.

With Lowe’s typically being a close Bosch retail partner, that’s where the deals are supposed to be. What I found was that there were plenty of Dewalt, Craftsman, and Kobalt displays, and a smattering of other brands. But not much Bosch.


There are usually a couple of displays featuring Bosch Black Friday and Holiday season “special buys,” but I couldn’t find much, not even in the “PRO” area of the store.

I’ll give you a list of the deals I’ve come across so far, below, with most not being unique to Lowe’s except for a laser level that I cannot find at any other major Bosch dealer.

To start off, the Bosch 40pc screwdriver set, shown above, gave me a chuckle.

I didn’t take a closer look because I already ordered a Milwaukee 70pc set for $10 shipped, and also a Dewalt 35pc set with right angle attachment for $15.

In big letters: BEST BIT HOLDER ON THE MARKET PERIOD.” Sure, Bosch’s bit holder is okay, and I bought a couple, but because they were cheaper than other brands’. But the best? I can’t say I’ve ever thought that.

And then in small letters, they associate the claim to a private social media account. I don’t know why, but I found this amusing. I guess this agrees with Bosch’s marketing practices, which seem to increasingly prioritize paid influencer and social media advertising.

Bosch Tool Deals at Amazon and Lowe’s

Here’s what’s on sale, from the Lowe’s Black Friday 2020 sales flyer and what’s currently on sale at Amazon and elsewhere.

Bosch 40pc Impact Bit Set: $15 – w/ “best bit holder on the market period”
Bosch GLL 3-15 3-line 50′ laser level: $100
Bosch 18V brushless drill/driver (new special buy): $99
Bosch 18V brushless FREAK (new special buy): $99 – now at Tool Nut

Bosch 21pc drill bit set: $10 – live now
Bosch 10pc jigsaw blade set: $10 – live now

Bosch 18V impact driver kit: $79
Bosch 18V drill/driver kit: $89

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Bosch Laser Deals at Home Depot and Amazon

From Acme Tools’ Black Friday Jump Start Sale:

Acme Tools Early Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals Page 3

Bosch 12V Max FlexiClick drill/driver system: $149
Bosch SDS Plus rotary hammer kit: $249
Bosch 18V brushless SDS Plus rotary hammer kit: $439
Bosch 10″ dual bevel glide miter saw: $519
Bosch 12″ dual bevel glide miter saw: $599
Bosch 9 gallon wet/dry dust extractor: $449

Acme Tools Early Black Friday 2020 Tool Deals Page 4

Bosch 165ft laser distance measurer: $99
Bosch battery – free with select 12V Max laser kits
Bosch 12V Max 360° green laser level: $519
Bosch 12V Max 360° red laser level kit: $419

Bosch $20 off $100

International Tool Holiday 2020 Bosch Coupon

International Tool $20 off $100+ Bosch Tools
Amazon $20 off $100+ Bosch Tools
Acme Tools $20 off $100+ Bosch Tools
Tool Nut $20 off $100+ Bosch Tools

Bosch PS21 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Bosch PS21 12V Max Screwdriver Kit 2015

Bosch 12V Max Cordless Screwdriver Kit: $69

This Bosch cordless screwdriver kit is a very good deal. But… I keep thinking – this is a DECADE-OLD tool.

With Dewalt offering their 12V-class brushless motor cordless screwdriver kits for $89, and Milwaukee’s premium M12 Fuel drill and impact driver kits priced at $99 right now, I’m starting to lose excitement over this Bosch promo.

(If you can budget the extra $20, I like the Dewalt Xtreme screwdriver better than the Bosch PS21, and you might too.)

As another alternative, you can get a Skil 12V-class brushless and impressively powerful drill kit for $63 right now via Amazon.


Bosch finally came out with a cheaper brushless 18V drill and impact driver that could compete against other brands’ $99 offerings. I suppose this set me up with inflated optimism at the start of the season.

But where’s the CORE18V promo from last year?

Lowes Black Friday 2019 Tool Deals Page 7
LAST YEAR’s Lowes Black Friday 2019 Tool Deals

Last year’s Lowe’s Black Friday 2019 Black Friday sales flyer had a couple of Bosch 18V and 18V CORE18V cordless power tool promos options.

Lowes Black Friday 2019 Tool Deals Page 11
LAST YEAR’s Lowes Black Friday 2019 Tool Deals

And there was a mix of other tools as well. Lowe’s focused on a broad range of Bosch tools.

But now, all we’ve seen in this year’s Lowe’s Black Friday 2020 tool deals sections are a couple of power tool accessory sets, the $99 drill and FREAK impact kits, a single laser level, and that’s it?

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Where’s the rest – is the Lowe’s sales flyer that we’ve been working with missing some pages?

Meanwhile, at Home Depot, they’ve replaced many (most? all?) Bosch power tool accessory sets with Diablo, and so there are fewer Bosch accessory deals there as well this year. Still, as mentioned above, there are 2 laser distance measuring tool deals and a laser level deal at Home Depot.

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One could point the finger at COVID-19 supply disruptions, but how did so many other brands manage to supply Home Depot and Lowe’s – at the least – with cordless power tool and accessory promo displays?

You know what – maybe they’re saving some good stuff for Cyber Monday. Right?

If you find any noteworthy Bosch tool deals, please let us know!