Best Product – Amazon Slashed the Price of this Metabo 18V Multibay Battery Charger

Metabo 18V and 36V 6-Port Simultaneous Charger

Three years ago, Metabo released their 18V 8-port simultaneous battery charger to the tune of $999. A thousand dollars for this charger!

What’s special about this Metabo 18V cordless power tool battery charger is that it can recharge up to 8 batteries all at the same time. It’s essentially 8 chargers in 1.


The charger launched at $999, and is currently priced at $864. I checked the price at Amazon and had to do a double-take – it’s currently $484*.

(*As of the time of this posting on 10/6/2020.)

Looking at online price trackers, this product has an interesting history, where several times now it has rocketed down from its regular retail price to astounding lows.

We’ve talked about this before, where Amazon will routinely discount tools and other items that aren’t selling well. There might be a steep initial discount, followed by a series of additional discounts. Someone buys the item and the price will then jump back to its original highs.

An undefined time later, and the product will once again start dropping in price, slowly but surely, until an unidentified factor – usually someone buying the item at a steep discount – will reset things.

It seems that’s what’s happening now. I can’t imagine why.

If you’re a heavier Metabo user, is there any price at which you’d buy this pricey 8-bay 18V charger?

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