Best Product – 5 Reasons to Buy this Dewalt ToughCase Parts Organizer

Dewalt ToughCase DWAN2190 Closed

Over at Amazon, they have this medium-sized Dewalt ToughCase parts and accessories organizer, DWAN2190, for $7. You should definitely consider buying one. Here’s why.

1. High Storage Density

You can cram a lot of power tool accessories into this case. Carrying one accessory case around is more convenient than a couple of smaller cases that might also be filled with stuff you don’t need or use.


Dewalt ToughCase DWAN2190 Open

2. It’s Customizable

Need to store longer bits or blades? Remove some of the adjustable dividers. The compartments are also larger than the ToughCase boxes I bought quite a few years ago, and there are fewer steps needed to access these compartments.

3. It’s Versatile

Do you see those dovetail tabs that line the perimeter of the case and on both sides of the middle divider? It looks like you can pop Dewalt and Craftsman bit holders right in there, so you can mix up how this case is used.

Dewalt ToughCase DWAN2190 Compartments

4. It’s Got a Clear Lid

Some accessory sets come with small cases that have clear lids, others are in double-sided clamshell cases that are poorly identified. With some of my accessory cases, I need to open a couple until I find what I’m looking for.

5. They Stack Together

That’s convenient, isn’t it?

I would much rather have a couple of these cases stacked together than several bulky cases of different sizes and shapes.

Bonus: Who Says You Only Have to Use it With Power Tool Accessories

I just realized that I could probably use this for some small parts that I’ve been trying to sort away recently. They fill a couple of small organizers I have, but very inefficiently, and one or two of these might just do the trick. If I want to sort more parts with them, it’ll all stack together nicely so I can move them together.

Price: $6.98

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