Best Product – 5 Cyber Weekend Flashlight Deals for $20 or Less

So, I just got off the phone with my cousin, and somehow I persuaded her to buy some new flashlights.

Here’s how it started. I mentioned the little trouble I got into with Olight because of how I promoted their free flashlight offer (that’s all resolved now – details below – please don’t sign up for multiple accounts!), and then she went to see what I was talking about.

You know, I need to buy a gift for my friend’s husband…


Following are the flashlight deals that I recommended, and the ideas worked out well. She placed some orders and now has several fewer people to shop for.

If you’re shopping for someone other than yourself, our flashlight and pocket knife gear deals won’t be the best idea. I typically post about those deals with other enthusiasts in mind.

When buying for someone else, it’s often better to go with something simpler that might suit a broader range of preference.

Here’s a good place to start:

Olight i3T EOS Flashlight in Black

This is the Olight i3T EOS, a compact AAA-powered flashlight with 180 lumen output. I bought one earlier in the year at full price.

Right now, it’s on sale Amazon.

Sale Price: $12.76 ($15.95 – 20% coupon)

Buy Now via AmazonEXPIRED

This is a good deal for a great flashlight that’s compact and bright.

Update: As an alternative, the desert tan i3T is on sale for $15.95 (I paid $22 for mine in June), and the Streamlight Microstream is $16.99 (I paid the same price in June).

Or, if you want something a little larger:

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Penlight Blue

Enter the Streamlight Stylus Pro, a 2x AAA LED penlight.

The blue-finish model is priced at $17.99 right now. Although this isn’t the lowest price I’ve seen or posted about, it’s a good price for a great flashlight.

I told her that the tail cap power switch can be a little stiff, but it’s a fantastic flashlight that has never given me any trouble.

She ordered one of these for her husband.

Price: $17.99

Buy Now via Amazon

Milwaukee 2108 LED Flood Light Flashlight

I was also checking Home Depot’s website, to see if their Milwaukee penlight deal was still going on, and came across the Milwaukee Rover LED flashlight, model 2108.

It has magnetic mounting, rotating pocket clip, and 300 lumens floodlight. It’s powered by 2xAA batteries and with standard batteries it gives you 2 brightness options. (You lose one of the brightness modes if you use rechargeable batteries due to the lower voltage.)

It’s on sale for $20!

This is a very good floodlight-style worklight that is compact, bright, durable, and I like its magnetic mounting capabilities.

AND right now you get FREE SHIPPING with no minimum.

Sale Price: $20

Buy Now via Home Depot

This is a really good deal for a very versatile worklight. My cousin ordered one for her husband, and one for her friend’s husband.

Olight i3E LED Flashlight

While still on the phone, I happened to glance over to a deals website that I opened up a few minutes earlier. I noticed a deal thread about Olight, with someone mentioning they bought an i3E, shown here, at a discount.

The i3E is a less expensive flashlight than the i3T discussed above, and also a little smaller, which makes it very well-suited for keychain carry.

It delivers 90 lumens of light, which is still quite a lot for such a small AAA-sized flashlight.

Sale Price: $7.96 (but read further)

Buy Now via Olight

Olight Black Friday 2020 Free EDC Keychain Flashlight Offer

She registered an account, and so the Olight iR2 EOS rechargeable keychain-sized flashlight was added to her order for FREE.

Register Here

You have to pay $5 shipping on orders under $49.

The deals website post also reminded me that if you register as a new customer with Olight, or log in, you can click to share about their promo on Facebook (visit the above register link for details), and you get a $5 credit.

So, the keychain light is free, the i3E is $7.96, and with the Facebook sharing, you get $5 credit off the price. You still have to pay $5 shipping on orders under $49, and so it ended up being $7.96 shipped for the two flashlights.

She ended up getting the i3E and a keychain for just under $8 shipped, with the plan to give them as stocking stuffers.

Olight i5T Camo Pattern Flashlight

The “share on Facebook” credit works on anything except for shipping – I used mine early in the Black Friday sale to get this camo-pattern i5T.

Unfortunately, this one is not on sale for $20 or less.

Price: $26.36

Buy Now via Olight

There are a lot of other recommendable lights, but these seemed like good suggestions and for $20 or less (except for the camo i5T).

My cousin ended up spending ~$66 while we were on the phone. I tried calling again just now – I wonder why she isn’t picking up?

Would you recommend something different?